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How to upgrade your table settings with premium cutlery


  Most dining establishments will put significant thought into the crockery and tableware that they use to serve their food upon. Whether you are looking for clean and elegant white plates; colourful stoneware to complement the dishes you are serving; or rustic tableware that brings an authentic feel, chances are that you have given plenty […]

How to match glasses to your wine menu


Many restaurants will pair wines with items on their food menu, as the flavours in each dish will suit certain types of wine better than others.  For the optimum dining experience, you can also complement each type of wine by matching it with the correct glass. Our trusted supplier Riedel Glass have launched a new […]

Why you need to add colour to your crockery


There is nothing quite as classic and clean-looking as the simple white plate, but we think it’s far more fun to update your tableware with a pop of colour. This month we are exploring the new blue trend and introducing a new line of plates from one of our suppliers. True blue tableware While grey […]

Cups, Saucers and Mugs


When Should you Use a Cup and Saucer Instead of a Mug? Although mugs have become increasingly popular and are now commonplace in many cafes and restaurants, the cup and saucer appears to be making a come-back. Mugs were once only used in an informal setting such as a work place as they were not […]

Upgrade your cocktails with our glassware range


The number of bars and restaurants offering cocktails as part of the menu has definitely increased over the last few years, but for many establishments they are a bit of an afterthought. Here at Parsley in Time we think that all cocktails deserve their own dedicated glassware. Serving them in a stylish glass to match not […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Bowls


Soup Bowl or a Pasta Bowl? Buying a bowl might seem like a simple task but it is not quite as straight forward as it might seem. The generic term covers a wide range of bowls which vary dramatically in both size and volume. In fact there are at least seven different types of soup […]

A History of Jugs


The Origins of Jugs Jugs have been in use since the days of the Anglo-Saxons jugs have changed little in form over the centuries. Despite being in existence for a long time, the word jug did not become part of the English language until the 15th century. The Anglo-Saxons used jugs made of clay but […]

Restaurant Cutlery


The Essentials of Catering Cutlery The basic requirements of a restaurant cutlery set are that it should all match and that it is sufficient to cope with a full serving. Unless you want to be washing cutlery between courses, there should be also be sufficient cutlery to cover starters, main courses and desserts without the […]

New eco-friendly packaging available from Vegware


We are excited to share our latest product range with you which comes from Vegware solutions. This new range of compostable packaging is the perfect solution for caterers who need disposable packaging for their food but are concerned about the effects on the environment that come from supplying traditional plastic packaging. An alternative to disposable […]

What is the Best Material for Dishes?


Creating Anticipation Creating a meal which is both visually appealing and delicious to eat requires considerable effort. When it comes to food, not only does taste matter, but the presentation of the food can have a strong influence on how much or how little the food is enjoyed and appreciated. Food which is attractively presented […]

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