A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Bowls

Soup Bowl or a Pasta Bowl?

Buying a bowl might seem like a simple task but it is not quite as straight forward as it might seem. The generic term covers a wide range of bowls which vary dramatically in both size and volume. In fact there are at least seven different types of soup bowls, in addition to finger bowls, rice bowls, dessert bowls, pasta bowls and ramekins. You can see a full range on our bowl pages.

Soup Bowls

The shape of a soup bowl will affect how long it can maintain the temperature of the soup so in an ideal situation the bowl should be selected depending on the nature of the soup. For pureed soups the best design features a deep bowl which retains the heat longer than a shallower one. The Orientix Deep Soup Bowl is ideal for this type of soup.

Chunky soups such as beef soup are more suited to shallow, wide bowls such as the Glacier Rimmed Soup Bowl which allows the heat to be dissipated. Clear soups are best served in narrow cups as they will preserve the temperature.

The Monaco Handles Soup Cup has solid horizontal handles. This allows it to be tilted so that the customer can enjoy the very last bit of soup Vertical open-loop handles will allow the bouillon cup to be lifted so that the soup can be drunk. Using saucers will protect the table and can add a touch of glamour to any place setting. The Genware Saucer is stylish whilst practical

All Purpose Bowls or Cereal Bowls

These can be with or without a rim and can be used for pasta and salad as well as cereal and desserts.

Pasta Bowls

These tend to have a wide rim when the food is a main course, but all purpose bowls are also used for pasta when it is a side dish.

Rice Bowls

These are usually smaller than cereal bowls and tend to be plain in design


These are used to serve dishes such as cheese soufflé or crème brulee. They need to withstand the high temperature of the oven as well as having an attractive appearance and tend to be of a sturdy construction

Finger Bowls

Not always used in dining, but finger bowls are designed to allow washing of the fingertips and should be large enough to contain sufficient water to cover them.
Ensuring you have the correct bowl will enhance your customer’s experience so it is important that the bowl selection is made whilst taking into account the menu.

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