Are Kettles Becoming Obsolete?

Treat yourself to a Coffee Pot

With the increasing popularity of speciality coffees, recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of households owning speciality coffee machines such as cappuccino and espresso makers. In comparison the number of households with kettles has declined by almost a fifth. Another contributory factor to the declining popularity of kettles is that microwaves and boilers are now also used to provide hot water.

Another reason for the declining popularity of kettles is due to the amount of energy consumed by them. If you are concerned about the use of energy why not treat yourself to a tea or coffee pot? This will ensure you can still enjoy a fresh drink whilst using minimal energy.

The Benefits of a Coffee Pot

How many times have you made yourself a cup of coffee only to drink it a considerable time later and find that it is cold? It is very annoying, isn’t it? You may think that coffee pots are only for use in the catering industry but they can also be extremely useful at home or in the workplace. Rather than making yourself several cups of coffee or making a drink only to be distracted, using a coffee pot will ensure that you have a constant supply of fresh coffee.

Anyone for Tea?

When it comes to choosing a tea pot, the esthetical design usually takes priority but practical considerations should also be taken into account. No matter how beautiful, elegant or outrageous your teapot may be if it doesn’t pour well, the experience of tea-drinking can be ruined.

Your teapot should have a visually attractive shape in which the lid, handle and spout are fully aligned. In terms of functionality it is important that the spout is always higher or at the same level as the lid. If the spout is lower than the lid, tea will spill out of the pot via the spout when it is being carried.

How Big is your Tea Pot?

The teapot should be adequately sized to provide sufficient tea for the designated number of guests in the party. If you are providing individual tea pots to provide a single serving only, ensure that your tables are large enough to accommodate this.

Tea pots can be made of cast iron but in the UK, teapots are traditionally made from

Ceramic, porcelain or bone china although none of these materials are particularly good at heat retention. However, their main advantage is that they don’t retain the flavour of the tea in their lining and so can be used for different types of tea. Stainless steel and silver teapots are also popular particularly in the catering industry and stainless still is particularly good at retaining heat.

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