Are you a Square Plate Lover?

Round Plates or Square Ones?

If you are a lover of all things modern you will no doubt be enchanted by the current trend for square and oblong plates. For those that don’t you are probably wondering what shape your plate will be next. Will we also have hexagonal or triangular plates?

There are those who dislike square plates with fervour, but there is also a strong fan following who loves the clean geometric lines. Whilst it is a strong bone of contention, square plates are likely to be here for the foreseeable future.

Dishes Best Suited to Square Plates

A traditional roast chicken dinner looks slightly incongruous a rectangular plate but Asian food looks perfectly at home on them. Salads can also look better on a square plate than on a bowl and are much easier to eat from a square plate as they are more accessible.

The Orentix Square Plates are ideally suited to oriental cuisine and have crisp, symmetrical lines. They are also fully vitrified, dishwasher and microwave proof. The plates come in three different sizes, 130 mm, 235 mm and 290 mm

Mix and Match

It is traditional that the dinner service should match but with square plates, the element of pop art means that combining shapes rather than colour seems acceptable.

If you are looking for square plates which can stand on their own, look no further than the Craft Square One 27cm X 27cm Blue (0553) square plates. The plates have a gem like glaze which produces a unique finish. This plate can also be used with the contrasting Craft Square One 27cm X 27cm Green (0553).

Square Plates for Round Plate Lovers

For those of you who are not convinced about the virtue of square plates, why not take a look at the Harmony Square Bowl Steelite 28cm. Having a retro feel they manage to combine a traditional plate design within a contemporary square one. The added bonus is that their ceramic body is strong and extremely durable

There is also a Harmony Square Plate Steelite 18cm. The clean lines mean that this would fit into either a traditional or modern setting.

Are there any Disadvantages to Square Plates?

The only potential disadvantage is that square plates do not always turn equally on a microwave plate, but considering that you will be serving fresh food, this is really a minor niggle.

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