Creating a Home Bar

The Advantages of a Home Bar

Do I need a home bar? Perhaps need is too strong a word, however, once you have a home bar you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

If you are a sociable person who enjoys hosting events for family and friends, having a home bar is simply the next step in your entertainment career. If you have young children, going out can become a major military operation and expensive in terms of babysitters, so why not create a home bar and invite your friends to you instead? It also saves the hassle and expense of taxis.

Setting up a Home Bar

The first step to creating a home bar is to move all the alcohol from the kitchen or wherever it is kept into the area which has been designated as the home bar area. The bar itself can as simple or as sophisticated as you wish to make it. A box design with storage area behind it would be sufficient, or even if space is at a minimum, a small corner of the lounge based on little more than a small cupboard.

The design will depend on your DIY skills and the space available. Having shelving or a storage area is also extremely useful as it will allow you to store your home bar accessories and glasses there as well. This will save you having to go trekking back to the kitchen every time anyone wants another drink.

In order to set up your home bar the first thing you will need, apart from the alcohol is glasses. Here is a list of recommended glasses:

6-10 wine glasses
6-10 cocktail glasses
6-10 hi-ball glasses
6-10 tumblers

You will also need an ice bucket to store ice in. The ​​Elia Ice Bucket with Scoop which holds up to 3 litres of ice has a modern and contemporary design. If there is sufficient space in the bar area investing in a table-top freezer will allow you to refill the bucket with fresh ice, but this can be acquired once your home bar is established.

Bar Accessories for a Home Bar

Apart from the glasses there are several home bar accessories which will enable you to offer a more professional service to your friends, whilst, of course, having great fun playing barman.

The first addition you may wish to purchase is a cocktail shaker. It doesn’t need to be an expensive one and will only need to hold one or two drinks. The Cocktail Shaker Can, made from stainless steel is a great accessory for a start-up bar. If your cocktails take off you can buy a larger one! The Cocktail Shaker Tall S/S 30oz comes as a set of three and would grace any film set.

A glass pitcher is also invaluable and will be required if you are making Martinis. Look for one which comes with a glass stirrer.

A small cutting board is an essential addition to any bar and will allow you to slice lemons without damaging your shiny new bar. Bar accessories for home include a bottle opening, bar knife, muddler and strainer. As your bar expands and becomes more popular you may also wish to add a blender.

Even if your home bar is no more than a corner of the living room, having these tools will allow you to be a great host. Another important but often overlooked accessory is a first aid kit. Accidents do happen and having one on hand will make you ready to deal with any emergency.

Stocking up your Home Bar

When it comes to stocking up your bar, here is a list of recommended drinks. Of course, the drinks you decide to use will very much depend on your own personal taste, but here is a suggested list:

1 bottle of vodka, gin, whisky, vermouth, brandy and rum as well as bottles of Cointreau/Grand Marnier/Curacao and plenty of mixers together with Grenadine juice, lemon juice, Lime Juice, Olives and Maraschino Cherries and paper parasols for making cocktails. Apart from this, don’t forget to include your favourite beers and wines.

If you are inaugurating your bar why not invite your friends to bring a bottle. In this way you can stock up the bar and everyone can enjoy the benefits.

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