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When Should you Use a Cup and Saucer Instead of a Mug?

Although mugs have become increasingly popular and are now commonplace in many cafes and restaurants, the cup and saucer appears to be making a come-back. Mugs were once only used in an informal setting such as a work place as they were not considered to be elegant enough for “best”. In recent years they have taken over the majority of popular eating establishments but recent years there has been a movement in favour of the far more elegant and traditional cup and saucer.

The Advantage of Teacups

Despite the fact that tea is often served in mugs, the tea cup was designed specially to cater for the fact that tea is cooled before drinking. The design of the teacup allows heat to be dissipated so that the temperature of the tea is cooled. Tea rarely served at formal functions unless it is a luncheon, afternoon tea or breakfast event.

The Introduction of Mugs

As coffee became increasingly popular in the nineteenth century, there was a demand for a cup with a larger capacity than the standard cup. This resulted in the breakfast cup which later developed into a mug. Mugs tend to be far thicker than a cup and are consequently much heavier.

In contrast to tea, coffee should be served hot in order to preserve the taste. The extended height of coffee cups and mugs means that they can retain heater better than a tea cup. Unfortunately they are also usually less elegant. Mugs were traditionally only used for informal dining but have slowly made their way into the public domain.

Since coffee is a stimulant, it tends to be served all day long, but the quantity and strength varies throughout the day. Coffee which is high in caffeine content is usually served in a large cup or mug either at breakfast or lunch.

The only exception in which coffee is served in small volume is after dinner coffee which has a low caffeine content and is often served after a large meal after a digestive.

Chocolate Cups

Hot chocolate was originally a breakfast drink but is now enjoyed all day long, particularly through the winter months. In the eighteenth century was often served in large cups so that there was sufficient room for both the chocolate past and hot frothy milk which was added prior to serving. The introduction of powdered cocoa meant that the chocolate paste was less thick than when made from raw chocolate. The thinner liquid means that chocolate can now be served in a smaller cup.

A Cup or a Mug, Which do you Prefer?

Mugs are still useful for serving hot beverages such as chocolate or cappuccino but stronger beverages such as coffee or espresso benefit from being served in a delightful cup and saucer which adds a sense of occasion to the beverage.

Even the traditional breakfast Cup and Saucer has found itself replaced by a mug in many cases. Of course mugs have their place and are extremely useful if you want a warm drink in the comfort of your home, but lack the finesse which a cup can deliver. However, it is a controversial subject with fans on both sides. Luckily Churchill Whiteware produce a range of cups in different sizes designed for tea, coffee and hot chocolate which would please fans on both sides of the fence.

For lazy Sunday afternoons in a favourite venue, the Craft Low Cup is a particularly attractive design and manages to combine the comfort of a mug whilst being aesthetically pleasing. Exuding luxury it is ideal for enjoying a cappuccino or hot chocolate whilst relaxing with the newspapers or chatting to friends.

You can view our full range of cups, saucers and mugs or please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requirements.

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