Developing your Presentation Skills

Oblong Plates

If you are looking for a contemporary design suitable for any modern interior, you can’t go far wrong than with an oblong plate. Apart from being ideal for presenting a triage of desserts or starters oblong plates also provide a phenomenal opportunity for presenting food in a more creative way. On a traditional round plate the food tends to be displayed in a wheel design but on an oblong plate you can present your food in the same way as a painting.

Unlike round plates, oblong plates allow plenty of scope for creativity. Perhaps one of the simplest ways of presenting food is to line up items side by side. Consider the dish as a painting, perhaps either a portrait or landscape scenery and use your imagination to create a dish wish visual as well as aromatic appeal

Time for a Change

In a highly competitive market, using chef oblong plates is an easy way of differentiating yourself from the competition and creating a memorable service. Even if you are not serving nouvelle cuisine, chef oblong plates will enable you to display food in an attractive way which expresses quality and value whilst setting you apart. Why not aim for elegance and bijoux rather than quantity?

Of course, not everyone is in favour of oblong plates, but even for those that don’t appreciate them will notice them, and may even give you some free publicity.

Food Presentation

If you choose to create small layers of food to present the food, using biscuit cutters to create shapes can add to the geometric finish but don’t overdo it and make sure that the stacks of food are not too high. Use garnishes with care. Ensure that they complement rather than overwhelm the dish, either by taste or in the way they are displayed. As with many things which reflect good taste, less is more.

Buying Chef Oblong Plates

So now that you are convinced of the virtue of oblong plates what should you look for when buying them? Whether you prefer a platter style plate or one with a rim will depend on your venue and menu. Orentix Oblong Tray is very practical as it is microwave and dishwasher proof as well as being fully vitrified. Suitable for sharing platters or main courses it is modern and contemporary. In contrast the Oblong Platter has a less striking appearance but is extremely versatile and the smaller size (29 x 15 cm) is a great size for desserts and starters. The larger size (35 x 18.5) is perfect for either a main course or a shared starter.

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