Displaying Food

Rectangular Plates

If brown is the new black, then rectangular is the new square. If you are not a fan of square plates don’t let this put you of rectangular ones. Rectangular plates are more subtle than square ones and yet offer a far more innovative way of presenting food.

Presenting food on square plates can be tricky. Do you put small portions of food in each segment of the plate, or do you pretend it is a round plate and arrange it in the form of a wheel? Rectangular plates on the other hand allow you to arrange the food in symmetrical columns. This immediately makes the food look more expensive, which makes rectangular plates a rather good investment!

Churchill’s Art De Cuisine Menu Rectangular Platters come in a range of sizes and are ideal for delivering either a main course or a starter. Made from white porcelain their contemporary, symmetrical lines provide the perfect platform for your food.

Display Food Symmetrically

Whilst it is good to be artistic whilst plating up food, don’t be misled into thinking that an asymmetrical display is better than a symmetrical one simply because it is different. In general people prefer symmetry. This may be because the logical part of the brain tries to rearrange an asymmetrical design into a symmetrical one or because neatly presented food in vertical and horizontal lines in perfect symmetry looks expensive.

To make sure your food is presented symmetrically it is important to start with the focal point in the centre. If it is even a smallest bit off-centre it can cause the whole design to be off-kilter.

For corporate dining and formal functions the Genware Rectangular Dish 25cm is extremely elegant. It would also look equally at home in a hotel or silver service restaurant.

Texture in Food Presentation

Apart from the positioning of food the texture is also important both visually and in terms of taste. Combining foods which are opposites such as soft and crispy, smooth and rough will stimulate the taste bids and enhance the overall enhancement of the meal. However, don’t overdo it as an excess of texture may make the food difficult to eat.

Varying Height

Varying the height of your food, particularly if it is presented in columns will also add interest to the dish. A trio of desserts can look stunning when presented in this way. Make sure that the columns are not so high that they are in danger of following over.

Eating food is so much more than taste. Presentation and the dish the food is served on can make a big difference to how the meal is perceived. Invest in some rectangular plates and use your imagination to create dishes which are both visually stunning as well as tasty.

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