Restaurant Cutlery

The Essentials of Catering Cutlery

The basic requirements of a restaurant cutlery set are that it should all match and that it is sufficient to cope with a full serving. Unless you want to be washing cutlery between courses, there should be also be sufficient cutlery to cover starters, main courses and desserts without the need to wait for it being washed.

Splashing out on a new set can seem a great idea, especially if the restaurant cutlery for sale is at bargain prices but unless you are able to purchase sufficient sets to cover a full diner service it is not a good idea. After all, would you really wish to use two cutlery sets to serve your dinner guests?

If you are working on a budget either the Meridia range of cutlery or the Genware Plain cutlery range are great places to start. Made from stainless steel they are both hardwearing and durable.

​The Elia Orientix Cutlery is also an attractive cutlery range. It is fully forged and manufactured to a high standard. With stylish handles inspired by the shape of a traditional chopstick is it comfortable to hold thanks to the gentle tapering.

Expanding your Cutlery Set

If you see restaurant cutlery for sale it can be tempting to acquire new sets but don’t forget that it should complement or match your existing cutlery. Once your basic restaurant cutlery set is in place you may wish to expand your range as time and budget allows.

Additional items which you may wish to acquire at a later date are starter knives and forks, fish knives, soup spoons, serving spoons, steak knives, salad spoons and forks, cake servers, and dessert spoons. If you are unsure which items would complement your existing cutlery set, start with the menu and consider which items of cutlery you require to create place settings which are ideal for your menu.

You may also wish to acquire a second cutlery set, such as, for example, one which is more adapted to fine dining. Fine dining sets tend to be heavier and made of more expensive materials than everyday sets. Even if your fine dining cutlery set is only used on special occasions such as dinner parties, retirements and birthdays having it will enable you to extend your business portfolio and attract new clients.

Storing Restaurant Cutlery Set

Having invested in a restaurant canteen set, storing it carefully will ensure that it is kept in good condition and lasts. Kitchen cutlery can either be stored on a knife roll, knife block or a magnetic wall strip.

To browse our full range of catering and restaurant cutlery please visit our main cutlery page.

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