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Glassware for the Catering Industry

Whilst buying glassware for your home is largely based on a matter of taste, buying glassware for a catering business needs to be well thought out. After all serving a shandy in a wine glass, or a brandy in a tumbler will not create a good impression and help you to achieve repeat business.

Start with the Menu

If you are purchasing glassware rather than taking a look to see what glassware is available, the first place to start is with the menu. What drinks are you offering and what glasses will you need to serve them? Multiply this up by the number of customers you hope to cater for and add a percentage on for breakages. Once you have done this, you are now equipped with a well organised shopping list and can start browsing through the glassware available.

Wine Glasses

When it comes to selecting wine glasses it is the bowl which is the most important part of the design as the shape can enhance the taste. The greater the exposed surface area, the greater the opportunity that the wine has to breathe. This is particularly important when it comes to red wines which have strong bouquets. The visual appearance can also play an important role in enhancing the enjoyment of the drink.

Glamorous or Practical?

Of course glassware can be both glamorous and practical but in many case it tends to be one or the other. The Ypsilion wine glass manages to combine durability with style but for something more ostentatious why not take a look at the Atelier Prestige with its attractive but delicate shape.

If you are offering champagne on the menu, make sure that your glasses match the occasion. Champagne glasses are usually tall and slender in a flute style. This highlights the sparkling quality of the drink. As champagne is typically only ordered for a special occasion it is worthwhile splashing out on glasses will add to the occasion.

Don’t choose the short, wide champagne glasses as they will allow the champagne to go flat more quickly and will not add any magic to the experience.

Shots and Marguaritas

Shot glasses make a great addition to any bar, even if you have no intention of serving shots. They add a theatrical backdrop to even the tamest of settings. If you are serving marguaritas or daiquiris make sure that you use a hurricane glass. This is a tall glass which has a beautiful bowl in the middle adding to the visual aspect of the drink.


If you are buying glassware for a domestic setting or a piano bar, don’t forget about the decanters. The Spieglau Soiree Decanter is an elegant way to present wine and can enhance its colour and taste. The Craft Decanter is ideal for a rustic setting featuring home cooked meals or a tapas bar.

The Craft Decanter has an attractive glaze and as a result of the method of construction each one has a unique design.

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