Selecting a Plate Set

Plates for the Catering Industry

When purchasing a plate set it is important to consider when and where the plates will be used. Whilst colourful plates can be fun for a family setting the catering industry tends to prefer more elegant white plates which can be used on a wide variety of occasions.

In addition to considering the type of location and what kind of events the plates will be used for, other considerations such as budget and the number of people who will be catered for should also need to be taken into account. Unfortunately, breakages will inevitably happen, so these should be also be factored in, unless you intend to replace your plate sets on a regular basis.

The appearance of the plates in terms of shape and design is equally important. Even when the colour is restricted to white the shape and design of the plate is something which should be considered carefully as having an incongruous design will do nothing to enhance an event.

Quirky plates such as Arte de Cuisine Bite Sized Plate will look fantastic in the right location but may could look out of place in a school canteen. Equally the Craft Coupe Plate may not suit a formal dinner but would be ideal for a bistro. Consider the venue and occasion carefully before selecting your plate.


The price of plates may appear to vary by only a few pence but by the time you have multiplied this up to cover the quantity of plates required it can have a large impact on your budget. However, there are plenty of dinnerware sets to choose from and plenty which are affordable on almost any budget.

When buying a plate set, don’t forget about accessories such as jugs or bowls. Having matching items can make a huge difference on the visual image created. If you are on a tight budget it is often wise to select the plates of your choice rather than skimping on them. A quality dinner service is a durable investment so it is worthwhile purchasing quality plates and essential items only. Additional items can be purchased later when the budget allows.

How Many Plates will I Need?

How many people do you intend to serve? If you are a catering business which intends to expand will you have sufficient plates to cover the additional customers which you hope to attract? What happens if you have unexpected guests or a busier than normal service? Will you have sufficient plates to cover the guests or will you be struggling to cope? In the catering business there are inevitably breakages so factoring that in will enable you to maintain the same plate set without either resorting to using ill-matched plates or having to invest in a new dinner service. It may seem like an unnecessary expense now but it will save you money in the long term.

Many plates are sold as part of a dinner service catering for up to twelve people but buying plates which are sold singly is advantageous for those in the catering industry, allowing them to mix and match items as well as purchasing the exact number they require.

A Plate for Every Occasion

Just as lighting can be used to create an ambiance, plates too can be used to set the scene. Plates such as the Orentix Square Plate is ideal for fine dining or nouvelle cuisine, and creates a sense of anticipation. For outdoor locations, or where plates will be handled by children, a lighter and more durable plate would be advisable.

Rather than buying a plate which will cover all occasions it may be necessary to buy two sets of plates, typically one for informal lunches and another for evening service

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