The Impact of Colour on Food

The Significance of Visual Presentation

Recent research, published in the Journal of Sensory Studies had indicated that the containers from which we eat and drink can play a major role in how we perceive the food and drink which is contained in it. This influences our overall evaluation of the experience.

The results of this research have major impacts for the catering industry, as it has shown that presenting food on a coloured plate may result in a negative experience if the plate colour is not optimised. This is regardless of the actual quality and taste of the food.

Results from the search showed that it was not only visual input from the food itself which had an impact on the overall experience. It was found that visual input from the plates, packaging and cutlery can also affect the experience of eating the food.

Based on this the catering industry should think carefully about what colours are used for cutlery and crockery and the impact they may have on their customer’s perceptions of taste.

White or Coloured Crockery?

Although white is the most commonly used colour for crockery when it comes to the catering industry, it is always good to add a little splash of colour to your table settings occasionally to liven up the atmosphere. In recent years there has been resurgence in nostalgia and even the famous willow pattern plates have reappeared with a contemporary twist.

If the idea of using brightly coloured crockery fills you with horror why not start with muted tones? Selecting even one or two key pieces can liven up your dinner service.

Utopia make an excellent range of oven to table dishes which will act as accents, both highlighting and enhancing your white dinner service.

The Cast Iron 5.5″ (14cm) Round Casserole offers a unique and stylish way to serve your dishes. It can be used for stews and casseroles and stews but would be equally suitable for sides, vegetables or soup.

Another useful item from the Utopia range is the Copper 6 X 4.5″ (15 X 11.5cm) Roasting Dish. Extremely dramatic it will electrify your table settings and works perfectly with white. It is not suitable for induction hobs but can be used on all other heat sources and has a stainless steel lining and handles.

The neutral colours of the Utopia range will also work well with coloured crockery, so if you are already a fan of colour the Cast Iron Round Casserole and Copper Roasting Dish will act as a contrast to your colourful settings.

For those of you still working in white, isn’t it time you started experimenting with colour?

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