What is the Best Material for Dishes?

Creating Anticipation

Creating a meal which is both visually appealing and delicious to eat requires considerable effort. When it comes to food, not only does taste matter, but the presentation of the food can have a strong influence on how much or how little the food is enjoyed and appreciated. Food which is attractively presented stimulates the senses and creates an anticipation which, when fulfilled can make the difference between an adequate meal and a great one.

In the catering industry where customer satisfaction has such a major impact on the bottom line in terms of repeat business and an enhanced reputation, it is critical that the visual aspects as well as the taste of a dish are considered. Research has shown that a dish which is beautifully presented is usually perceived to be more expensive and better tasting than one where the food is plated without any care or attention. Presentation can be enhanced by the thoughtful placing of food on the plate or by using garnishes to complement the dish.

Practical and Attractive Dishes

In order to enhance your presentation it is equally important to consider on what the food will be presented. Whilst considerable time is often spent selecting plates for the catering industry, dishes are often little more than an afterthought and yet play an equally important role. To see our full range of dishes please click here.

Think of dishes as the backdrop to your meal. An incongruous shape which clashes with your dinner service can ruin the atmosphere will do little to present your business in the best light. Selected with care, dishes will set the scene and support your choice of plates and cutlery.

To help you select the best dishes for your catering business here is a brief introduction into the different materials available:

Bone China

Best known for its milky white appearance bone china is a popular choice. Although it has a delicate appearance it is also chip resistant and surprisingly strong. It is ideal for both formal and informal dining.


Whilst traditionally used for formal dining, its durability means that it is suitable for frequent use.


An extremely durable material, stoneware tends to be used for casual dining. It has an opaque finish and is ideal for use in a rustic setting.


With its natural appearance earthenware is an extremely popular choice for casual dining. Less durable than stoneware it is also less expensive. Unlike stoneware, earthenware dishes can be made with thinner walls and have a similar appearance to bone china but are also prone to cracks and chips.


Although not suitable for formal dining, bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic dinnerware. It is not suitable for dishwashers but is inexpensive and perfect for picnics.

Practical Considerations when Buying Dishes

Apart from being visually attractive, your dishes should also meet your practical needs. The Round Eared Dish 7” Whiteware is a contemporary modern design which would complement any bistro but has the added advantage of being shock resistant which should reduce breakages. Offering excellent heat retention, it is also freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Considering how your dishware will be stored is another important factor which should be considered when purchasing dishes. To avoid chipping or cracking your dinner service should have a dedicated storage space which offers sufficient storage space whilst being easy to access. Churchill’s Medium Options Dish, is designed for easy stacking and is an extremely versatile dish which can be used for starters, main courses or buffets.

If you have more than one set of dinnerware but only use the second or third sets occasionally consider using storage containers to keep it safe whilst not in use. This will free up cupboard space and allow you to streamline your service whilst avoiding any unnecessary breakages caused by crowding.

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