Wine Glasses for the Catering Industry

A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Glasses

When choosing wine glasses for your business it will soon become clear that there is a wide range available. Despite the huge variety of designs and styles of wine glasses available it is the bowl of the wine glass which is the most important factor when it comes to buying wine glasses. However visual appeal and the ability to allow the bouquet to develop are also important considerations.

Wine should be served by filling up no more than half of the volume of the glass. This allows space for the bouquet to collect in the bowl if the wine is swirled. The stems are an integral part of the wine tasting experience as they allow the wine glass to be swirled without influencing the temperature of the wine. To enjoy the full sensation of the drink, plain, thin crystal is usually preferential to a thicker, patterned one, although this does depend on each individual’s taste.

To help you to choose the correct wine glasses for your catering business here are the basics:

Glasses for Red Wine

Red wines, especially those which have a strong bouquet are traditionally served in large bowled wine glasses. The advantage of the large surface area is that the wine is allowed to breathe whilst the loss to the bouquet is minimal.

For everyday use, the Cabernet Tulip wine Glass is extremely durable and has a polished stem and flat foot to promote stability.

Glasses for White Wine

White wine is much lighter and delicate than red wine and so is served in taller glasses in comparison than those used for red wine. The bowl is narrower and so concentrates the bouquet. Traditionally white wine glasses were much smaller than red wine ones, but since wine measurements have become standardised this has changed.

The Riedel Ouverture white wine glass is especially designed to ensure that the bouquet is concentrated and the taste enhanced. With an inexpensive price tag it can be used for every day events as well as those special occasions.

Champagne Glasses

For Champagne, the choice of preference is tall flute glasses which can display the champagne bubbles at their best. These should be used instead of champagne glasses which are low and wide as these allow the champagne to go flat quickly and are also easily spilled.

Sherry and Port Glasses

Both sherry and port are usually comparatively strong and so should be served in small glasses either as a pre-dinner aperitif or post dinner drink. Similar to liqueurs, port and sherry should be sipped slowly. The glasses are small, indicating the correct serving measure. Sweet wines and fortified wines are also traditionally served in smaller glasses.


Although some restaurants have starting to use tumblers for wine they do nothing to enhance the wine-drinking experience.

Looking after Wine Glasses

If your wine glasses are left with any lingering traces of washing up liquid the taste of the wine can be ruined. Luckily many modern wine glasses are dishwasher proof and so can be washed clean in high temperatures with hot water alone without the need for detergent. If washing by hand the best method is to wash them in very hot water, rinse with cold water and then polish with linen tea towels.

When storing wine glasses, make sure they are stored away from strong smells in an upright position to minimise breakage and avoid contamination.

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